Token Launching Platform announced by Huobi

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A premium coin has been unveiled by Huobi, the Chinese exchange, which will offer services that will allow the traders to invest in coins which look promising ahead of their listing on the main exchange.

This new feature, also known as Huobi Prime will also provide an opportunity to selected users to buy selected coins at a discount rate before they release in the open market. The featured coins are reportedly said to be chosen according to specific terms such as the financial backing, the quality of the product and team, is it listed on any other major exchanges etc.

Huobi has said that March 26th will be the launch of the new service.

It is said that incrementally larger quantities of coins will be offered and also for higher prices. Huobi released in a press statement that there will be three rounds of coin offerings through Huobi Prime listing where each will last an hour. Also mentioning further, that in each of the three rounds the price of the coin will be capped with the cap rising as time goes.

Founder and the CEO of the Huobi Group, Leon Li, during the announcement explained the advantages of Huobi Prime that digital assets which have high potential and access to it with lower market value rate will act as a benefit to the traders, which will ultimately help in the growth of the ecosystem and will also give an opportunity to endorse newer projects by the exchange.

The Huobi spokesperson also said that the designing of the new Huobi Prime is sone in such a way that it will benefit both exchange and its users. For high potential digital assets such as them has encouraged a customer-focused mindset while creating it, and hence confirms greater liquidity.

Although the prices of the cryptocurrencies in the market aren’t still in the downhill, many of the crypto businesses are still struggling with stability and profit currently. Huobi Prime also offers incentives through high-quality projects and user loyalty rewards for applying in their platform for a listing.

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