Bitcoin mining game has changed

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ASCI or ASIC machines have entered the bitcoin mining market. The first machine arrived at the miners’ home in late January, after reports that it had begun shipping ASCI machines into the miners’ bitcoin mining equipment.

Because ASCI machines are designed to mine bitcoin, they are efficient machines for design purposes. High-end ASCI machines have a hash rate of more than 1 million per second. A typical CPU running Bitcoin mining software has a hash rate of 1.5 per second.

Undoubtedly, the shipment of ASCI machines has changed the rules of the game in the bitcoin world. The Bitcoin mining software doesn’t even support the CPU anymore, because the CPU running 24 hours a day may not see Bitcoin in a few years, even if it is mined in the pool.

This trend is good for those interested in the mining industry, who also have thousands of dollars for expensive hardware and early adopters of bitcoin mining, who may have made huge profits from early mining work. These early profits can be used for the latest and best hardware and rig settings to continue to generate bitcoin in the future.

Miners who run relatively powerful GPUs have been hit by ASCI development. The difficulty of successfully tapping bitcoin blocks has increased to the point where the cost of electricity may exceed the level of expenditure that GPU miners will see in Bitcoin each year.

All of these speculations are closely related to the stability of Bitcoin’s future price. If Bitcoin stays near the current $30 level, innovation will continue to evolve. To a certain extent, ASCI has contributed to the rebound of Bitcoin in the past two months. The dollar exchange rate of Bitcoin soared from $10 to $30. It’s hard to find investment in this kind of return anywhere on the planet, so it’s natural for Bitcoin to get people’s attention in recent days. But will this concern continue? If so, will it bring more censorship and volatility than the stability of the young digital currency? In the long run, relative stability is a feature that Bitcoin must establish if it is to achieve its original goal of becoming a viable and competitive currency worldwide.

So will Bitcoin surpass the current speculative tool label? The answer lies in a chaotic network of variables that includes a wide range of humanities: politics, psychology, finance, fear, freedom, privacy, security, and more. Regardless of the outcome, it is definitely a fascinating show.

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