Ripple XRP shows parallels from 2017 Bull Run

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Many people claim that XRP loses steam, but that may not necessarily be true. Hardcore XRP fans still believe that XRP is just starting. XRP has recently escaped, Ripple usually picks it up and sells it to exchanges or places it in another part of the ecosystem, something that happened before. This can also be a new move because they give a part of it to Moneygram. This is done on a monthly basis, which makes that escrow available for transfer, anyone can activate that transfer.

Together with Coinfirm at Ripple to determine whether funds come from a hack or theft, and to ensure that ripple price prediction 2030 is not illegal anyway. This does not mean that user data is public because the personal information is still hidden. This is quite important to ensure that the transfer system is taken seriously in the future. Get the XRP in the right hands, where XRP will become more important in the long term in the future, where most of the speculation is focused. The greatest value of XRP seems to be that it will be essential in the future.

Ripple seems to have a similar run as then in 2017, where Bitcoin points the way, then crypto will generally rise slowly. And the last time XRP jumps much higher than most. This is just making theories, but when you see how many things are played the same way, it can really happen. If XRP is only rising based on speculative gains, the last time there was an increase, it didn’t really get into a full bull run.

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