Is it safer to make Bitcoin investments after it moves Closer to $5,600?

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The crypto markets are showing a slow pace recovery after a roller-coaster week. The latest news on cryptocurrency and bitcoin today shows that there has been a growth within the range of 1 to 7 percent range in the top cryptocurrencies and the majority of the top 100 crypto assets by market show a remarkable growth.

According to CoinMarketCap, today the Bitcoin is showing signs of moderate increase after a steep decline on Nov. 14. It has so far consolidated its incremental gains and pushed the $5,600 price point. After a drop to $5,371 on Nov. 16 — $1.000 dollars lower than its value given on Nov 14. Bitcoin slowly paced its way upwards recently.

The Bitcoin mining also is the process where adding transaction records takes place in Bitcoin public ledger of previous transactions or blockchain. The blockchain is the digital database where all the record of the transactions and the ownership of those assets is recorded. they are digital, decentralized and inalterable. It means they cannot be altered by any the person or an organization but are transparent in terms of keeping records and ownership details.

The penny stocks are the investments done by the customers which are $1 (USD). The penny cryptocurrencies, although allows you to make small time investments they are not advisable for a broader growth of your assets. In terms of productivity, they have a slow pace of growth compared to bitcoin. Blockchain penny stocks are often targeted by the scammers to make big cryptocurrency scams. As of now, it is a risky decision to make an investment in penny stocks. The Bitcoin growth has the only considerable effect on the penny cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin has had its share of ups and downs in the market for the last few weeks but it had shown a significant growth since the last year. People who were not aware of Bitcoins became a budding investor in the Bitcoin stock market which sky-rocketed its place in the market.

Money investments in Bitcoin are sometimes risky since we have seen in the few days, it had a volatile decrease and sometimes increase in the market. The scale of investing takes a long time, which means that although there has been a visible growth in Bitcoin transaction, it allows only 3 to 7 transactions per second and has a longer wait time to seek a newer transaction. Plus the increase in the Bitcoin scam has made it more vulnerable. Also if you send your money to a wrong person then you cannot transact it back to your account and there is no customer service available for resetting your password if you forget it by chance.

All these features have made Bitcoin a less trusting option but the last 5 years has shown a remarkable progress in the long-term investments in the Bitcoin stocks.

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