Crypto Miners Dominate Top 10 List of Most Prolific Malware Threats

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As per a global threat report, released on 14th May 2019,  Crypto miners occupied the top 3 slots for using the most common variants of malware. Probably the most talked-about Altcoin News in the last fortnight, it has already triggered panic and tensions in the minds of bitcoin investors.

The top 3 threats for the crypto currency investors

As per the report published by Check Point, Cryptoloot, which is basically a malware that can exploit the Crypto mining computing ability of the Victim, even without getting to their notice, emerged as the biggest threat for the last month. The 2nd slot in this list was occupied by XMR, an open-source application, meant for Monero Mining. As for the 3rd position, it was JSEcoin which is a Javascript embedded in web pages.

Cyber criminals are now looking for more enticing and lucid domains to prey upon

However, as a welcome relief for the investors, Researchers commented that is spite of the dominance of the malware, Cyber criminals are now shifting away their attention and focus from the domain of Crypto mining.  Services like Coinhive that were targeting unsuspecting users, have been recently closed down. Besides, a drop in the average price of the crypto coins, made the criminals to look for more enticing and lucrative domains.

Another threat that Check Point pointed, the count of Multipurpose Trojans is rising sharply at a drastic pace. The exerts even warned that victims affected in this manner, can face the instance like their private data, database and backup servers getting hit by Ransomware that might demand to an extent of 1 million USD.

It was only in the last month that, Symantec, an Us-based Software company, detected a new malware for crypto mining, Beapy that usually targets the enterprises. This malware is spread through alleged emails and as per the researchers, this file-based orientation for Cryptojacking happens to be more rewarding for the hackers, compared to that of the conventional tools,, based on the web browsers. Thus, it is needless to explain further about the extent of the risks and threats that the domain of Cryptocurrency presently involves. Therefore, investors need to give more attention to secure themselves and it is expected that they should come up with comprehensive and foolproof defense mechanism to combat these threats. In this regard, prevention of the threats will be a better approach than to opt for damage control, once it affects the investors.

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