Can Ripple [XRP] ever achieve 100 USD price per coin

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Ripple is among the few popular cryptocurrencies in the market, with many people looking to invest in it. Ripple is a platform that has its own currency XRP but allows everybody to use the platform to create their own via Ripplenet. The price of Ripple keeps fluctuating around 0.5$ per coin, but unlike Bitcoin, there is no limitation in its supply.

Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies with its value reaching around 8000$, but other cryptocurrencies in comparison can’t seem to cross the 1000$ or even 100$ mark. There are a lot of people who believe Ripple will be able to achieve 100$ mark and their belief stems from the following.

  • Ripple was made specifically for transactions, unlike other cryptocurrencies.
  • The transaction time for Ripple is pretty fast around 4 seconds, while others take a bit longer time, and by longer, I mean from seconds to minutes.
  • The transaction fee is pretty low at 0.00001$, and yes you are not seeing it wrong. It is not made completely free to prevent spammer attacks.

These were some of the factors which work in favour of Ripple achieving the 100$ mark, but just like any other cryptocurrency, it also has its flaws such as

  • One of the main reason why it is difficult for Ripple to reach high value like Bitcoin is its unlimited supply. The total supply of Ripple is expected to top out at around 100 Billion, which is pretty excessive. I am sure that you will agree that excessive of a single cryptocurrency won’t really help its price to rise.
  • Major economies around the world such as China, India, South Korea are tightening their regulation on cryptocurrencies, which won’t really help Ripple to reach the mark.
  • Cryptocurrency is a competitive market, and if any other currency is invented with better problem-solving methodologies, then Ripple will become pretty obsolete.
  • The cryptocurrency market is simply unpredictable, so you can’t really know what will happen.

Ripple has too many hurdles to cross for reaching the 100$ price per coin. It is not impossible for Ripple to achieve the 100$ mark, but for people who are waiting for it, I suggest you max out on your patience department. Because it will take years for ripple price prediction 2025 to reach the 100$ price per coin.

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