Bitcoin price prediction 2025

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One of the biggest investments of the century, perhaps even the millennium is Bitcoin. A mere $0.06 per coin worth back in 2009,  Bitcoin is currently dubbed at $8,500, and it has also topped out at about $20,000 per coin.

After December 2017 market highest reach surely it has lost more than half its value, but still people are confident about Bitcoin and it has moved to the mainstream.

People have become more aware about bitcoin and in some countries, they are also trying to bring Bitcoin instead of their local currency.

Bitcoin future price prediction

Earlier those who had invested in Bitcoin had gained a lot of profits and earned in millions. These investors are still willing to do the same and want to gain some extra profits in the coming years. The number of young investors, who also are investing in Bitcoin to reach their objective of earning in millions, has increased. Let us look at the bitcoin price prediction 2025

Bitcoin price prediction 2025

One starts to question how to really make an accurate prediction after looking back at charts depicting Bitcoin’s meteoric rise over a short time, the further you move away from the present. After observing the Bitcoin’s volatility in the cryptocurrency market, it can be guessed that by 2025 it could be worth as much as $150,000 per coin if some of the conservative predictions manage to come true in near future.

However, some do believe that Bitcoin’s price could hit $500,000 by 2025 following its regular volatility in the market. McAfee’s price prediction says that the Bitcoins’ position is still not looking good, his original price prediction of $500,000 in 2020 has been delayed to five more years.

Bitcoin still has some power attributes

There are some factors that will support Bitcoin in the long run. These attributes add to the functioning and have made Bitcoin what it is and will maintain it. These attributes coupled with general recognition, are only positives for Bitcoin, making the Bitcoin prediction in 2025 more possible than ever.

A. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency in the market and has been around the longest compared to all the other digital currencies, so it has the first mover prowess.

  • Bitcoin has built its name and it established itself between all the digital assets. Hence, it has instant name recognition, which it markets itself.
  • You mention anyone about Blockchain or cryptocurrency and people instantly associate it with Bitcoin

It will have a comeback

Many people over the years have believed Bitcoin to be just a bubble which is going to burst anytime soon. But, many also believe that the Bitcoin will reach new heights and will shoot itself straight up in the market. Surely with such good attributes and the motivation in the old and the new investors, it is mostly predicted that the Bitcoin will scale new heights in the coming years.

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