’s local Bitcoin cash market place is now open for Trading

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + which is a highly anticipated Bitcoin cash market place was launched on June 4. The reason why people were so eagerly waiting for its launch was that it is a peer to peer trading platform which allows trading for people all around the world. According to, there are more than 4500 accounts made with nearly 1445 unique makers. The signup to the Bitcoin cash market place is completely free and most signups stem from the US, Nigeria, Indonesia, India and the Philippines.

Bitcoin trading has been going on for some time and there are a lot of websites, apps etc which allows the user to trade Bitcoin. But the reason why is so anticipated by people are

  • Non-custodial service – For those who are new to trading, custodial services are third-party services that offer to protect your assets within their system. They mostly include exchanges, brokerage services, platforms, apps that allow you to buy, sell and store your digital assets. In simple words, you won’t be in complete control of your cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, Non-custodial services give users a private key which is a secret alphanumeric code that gives you 100% control of your cryptocurrencies.
  • Trusted Bitcoin cash [BCH] traders – you won’t have to worry about getting duped by a pretending fake trader.
  • Fully encrypted – Every trade is fully protected by encrypted Blind Escrow which ensures total protection during exchanges.
  • Low trading fees – BCH market place has pretty low trading fees when compared to other websites and exchanges. is an over the counter [OTC] trading platform that allows people to buy BCH by using fiat currencies. The BCH market place is really fascinating because of its versatility and usage. The fact that it allows people from all over the world to trade is amazing in itself. According to the most popular type of trade include Bank transfer, Paypal, cash in person, and cash deposit. Alternate choices such as Western Union, Skrill, Moneygram, Transferwise etc are also available.

BCH market place allows instant trading which is coupled with a lot of benefits, so if you are just starting out in the trading business or looking for a new place that allows you to be in control of your funds, is one of the options you can consider. But before trading, just keep in mind that, just like any other trading risks are also associated with it.

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